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Seasons, The Moon & Lab Practical Review (Rocks)

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  • over 7 hours of detailed, yet thorough video review
  • easily digestible videos, averaging 5 minutes each
  • designed and presented by Tom Gazda, the 2018 Outstanding Earth Science Teacher for New York State as awarded by the NAGT (National Association of Geoscience Teachers)
  • visual-based review built around 200+ images from past regents exams
  • includes video review for the hands-on PART D ("Lab Practical") portion of the exam

Your Instructor

Tom Gazda
Tom Gazda

A 19-year veteran Earth Science teacher, Tom was awarded the 2018 Outstanding Earth Science Teacher for New York State by the NAGT (National Association of Geoscience Teachers). Mr. Gazda discovered the power of video as a learning tool 13 years ago and since then his science videos have gotten over 1.2 million views on YouTube. The increasing popularity of his regents review videos led him to completely rework and expand this video series in the fall of 2018. Focused on being clear and concise, the review is centered around the power of visual learning, using hundreds of diagrams and images from actual NY State regents exams. Presented in an engaging, well-paced style we are proud to offer what we consider one of the best study opportunities available for this exam.

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We expect to keep this course up and available for free through May 1, 2019. But that may be extended.

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